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Our Team

Dr Harold Henry Ackers is the lab director of BAISMENT. He enjoys long walks on the (virtual, memory logged) beach and is known around the office for his famous apple-cinnamon muffins. Dr Ackers found his interest in memories during his undergraduate psychology and engineering studies. He went on to complete a post-graduate degree in medicine, specialising in neurobiology. He holds on a doctorate degree in memory processing and storage.
His work on BAISMENT has broken scientific ground, his passion for it is evident in his tireless commitment as well as the ever-popular “Monday-mashes” – short music videos made of stored memories often to the tune of his own karaoke songs.

Paisley Smith is Dr Ackers’ assistant. He deals with all of Dr Ackers administrative affairs, organizational affairs and even his Monday-mash affairs. He completed his double major of chemistry and biology over a decade ago and before joining BAISMENT was a lab assistant at a laundry detergent company in Canada (he’s the guy that helps make your whites whiter!) Since moving to Australia to join BAISMENT Paisley has brought personality, character and his own unique knowledge to the dedicated team of MEMORInaughts. You’ll see him here and there around the lab – wearing the whitest whites to match his grin.

Yoora Kim is BAISMENT’s head of technology. With a background in engineering Yoora is known as the token cyborg around the lab. Never without her computer glasses Yoora creates, sets up, repairs and adjusts the MEMORInaught devices. You’ll see her in the lab – seemingly absent minded – but actually engaging in some high functioning coding and software programming (it’s a cyborg thing). The smell of Dr Ackers’ apple-cinnamon muffins and a pun-ny joke seems to be the only thing that brings her back to mortal life (but we didn’t tell you that).

Damon Isaacs is the lab supervisor. He visits from time to time and inspects the lab; makes sure everything is running smoothly and according to schedule. He has worked as a lab supervisor on a number of different projects but none that have dealt specifically with memory and archiving. Good thing too – Damon has a habit of forgetting things, nothing major, just the odd pen, or file or glasses here and there. If he comes in wearing his lab coat inside out let him know, he simply forgot to turn it out.

Past Staff

Penelope Graham is the head of archives and memory storing for the BAISMENT project. She was originally a librarian for the State Library but upon the discovery of BAISMENT she quickly became a dedicated member of the team. What some may call pedantic, Penelope calls organized, her archival system is, in her mind, foolproof.